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A version of Scopone in the Ligurian region around Genoa, This game has several quirks.


The object here is to obtain as many cards as possible and to be the first partnership to reach the agreed score.

The Deal:

Each player receives 3 cards and 4 more cards are dealt to the table.


  • Every player gets a turn and has to capture a card or leave it. Pairing and swimming can also be used here.
  • You are also allowed to use the fifteening capture method where you capture a card that equals 15 when it is added to the card that captured it.


If the cards a player is dealt equals to 15, the dealer will be able to make a sweep. If the total equals 30, the dealer will acquire two sweeps. Players will be able to score a point for each sweep that is made.

Players score a point for each sweep, for most cards and most Diamonds. Capturing the 7 of diamond is worth a point, as is Primiera (won by the player with the highest-valued cards taken in each suit in his won cards). Scala Grande, the King of diamond, Queen of diamond and J of diamond, scores five, and Scala Piccola, the A of diamond, 2 of diamond and 3 of diamond, scores three. If the 4 of diamond is also held, the score is the value of the highest Diamond held in unbroken sequence. Target scores can be 26, 51 or 101.


Gaining all diamonds will win the game. The game will end when the target score has been reached.


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